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Antagonist offers free SSL and HTTP/2 to all customers.

Online safety and privacy are our primary goals!

Enschede, The Netherlands – April 11th, 2017 – Starting today, hosting provider Antagonist in Enschede offers SSL (HTTPS) and HTTP/2 to all of its customers, free of charge. The company provides these services across all web hosting plans. No changes or activation are required on the customer's part. With this approach, Antagonist aims to set a new standard for the hosting industry, making encryption the default.

Antagonist senses a growing demand for encryption, and not purely as a result of privacy legislation. Search engine Google also rewards websites which use encryption with a higher ranking in its search results. More than ever, browsers give indication about whether a website is or isn't secured. These indicators increase visitors' awareness of the safety and privacy of their data on the internet. To reflect Antagonist's views as an advocate of the standardisation of secure web communications, the company provides the service automatically and free of charge.

Antagonist uses the SSL certificates issued by Let's Encrypt as a basis for securing its customers' websites, and will manage every step of the process. Issuance, installation and renewal of the certificates are performed automatically. This way, all Antagonist-hosted websites are secured by an SSL-certificate at all times. The service covers all domains, including subdomains, alternate names and redirected domains (Aliases and Domain Pointers in DirectAdmin).

In addition to SSL, Antagonist has moved to HTTP/2, the newest standard of the HTTP web protocol, which replaces the current HTTP/1.1 standard. This makes communication between browser and web server more efficient, allowing web pages to load faster. Visitors experience a faster response, and fewer hitches. Given that the HTTP/2 implementation integrates well with SSL, the company has chosen to incorporate both at the same time.

According to Antagonist, it is only a matter of time before both SSL and HTTP/2 will become the global standard. The company and its customers are, in the company's own words, ready for the future.

About Antagonist

Antagonist, based in Enschede, provides web hosting for over 55,000 customers, as well as domain names for over 100,000 websites. The company serves both private and commercial customers. Among its target audience you find the SME segment, independent contractors, start-ups and freelancers. The company represents the core values of simplicity, quality and service. For over 10 years, Antagonist has been counting its annual growth in tens of percents. This recurring success, and an inherent love for technology, drive the company's efforts to innovate, automate, and advance cutting-edge technologies.

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